"We have a responsibility to take bold action in addressing climate challenges."

Frederick W. Smith,
Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp

"We have a responsibility to take bold action in addressing climate challenges."

Frederick W. Smith,
Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp

FedEx Sustainability

Every day, we work to do our part in protecting the environment for future generations. But with almost 700 planes and more than 180,000 vehicles, that’s not always easy. Reducing emissions is an ongoing challenge as our business continues to grow. That’s why we look for innovative ways to manage our footprint, such as new technologies to help us drive and fly more efficiently, renewable energy to power our facilities, and advocacy for new regulations to help our industry address climate change. We’ve seen a lot in nearly 50 years of business, and the world continues to change. But one thing won’t change—our commitment to deliver for the next generation.

FedEx GM BrightDrop Electric Vehicle

Deliver more. Impact less.

Our customers work hard to build their businesses and expand their reach. And as they grow, we grow. In fact, between 2009 and 2019 our average daily package volume grew by 99.2%. Over that same period, we reduced the intensity of our CO2 emissions by 40% (on a revenue basis). That’s no small feat, and we’re not finished yet.

Package volume


CO2 emission intensity

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Minimize or eliminate our impacts


Upgrade and modernize our fleet


Use cutting-edge technologies



Technology is important, but human behavior counts for a lot, too. Making sure FedEx drivers use “eco-driving” practices saves gas and reduces emissions to protect the air we all breathe. Accelerating slowly, easing off the gas before braking, and not idling are just a few of the ways our drivers in Canada are making a difference.

Latin America & Caribbean

We get it. Big cities have bad traffic, and trucks contribute to poor air quality. We’re doing our part to make it better by using electric and alternative fuel vehicles in Brazil and Chile, and upgrading our trailers, trucks, and tractors in Brazil for more fuel efficiency and lower emissions.


In Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Madrid, and Paris, we’re hard at work on the best solutions to limit FedEx vehicles and emissions in busy city centers—while delivering your packages securely and on time. Our newest approaches, like cargo bicycles, will help us improve congestion, limit impacts, and navigate narrow streets in up to 600 European cities.

Middle East, India & Africa

We’re experts in delivering packages around the world. So we rely on the expertise of others when it comes to sustainable buildings. Our FedEx Express LEED Gold-certified India Headquarters in Mumbai, ISO 14001 certifications in 9 countries, and an on-site solar energy facility in South Africa are all designed to keep energy, water, and materials to a minimum. So we can focus on what we do best – delivering possibilities.

Asia Pacific

Pick up and drop off FedEx packages at any one of 5,000+ 7-Elevens in Hong Kong and Taiwan, or use a FedEx Self-Service Locker for even more choice in package pickup. But we’re not just boosting convenience. Our growing retail network also reduces impacts like emissions and traffic congestion.